Return policy

Which products does not accept?

1. Custom made products or with custom made specifications.
2. Products that have been subject to normal wear and tear, careless handling, weather damage, framing damage.

What must a return shipment meet?

It is important that when you want to return a product or order, that it meets the conditions below. If the return does not meet the conditions below, it will not be accepted.
Return conditions:
1. Return shipments must be sufficiently stamped.
2. Returns only to the specified address.
3. The products received must be sent in undamaged condition.
4. The returned products must have the original packaging.
5. The risk of the return shipment is for the customer.

Return procedure

If you want to return products during these 14 days, please contact customer service directly. We deliver custom work to assist you as best as possible in achieving the desired result.